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Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Texas at Arlington

computer visionmachine learningdata mininggesture recognitionsign language recognition
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Zahra Anvari
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Iran, Islamic Republic of

computer visiondeep learningmachine learning
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Sakher Ghanem
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Konstantinos Tsiakas
artificial intelligenceinteractive machine learningexplainable aihcisocially assistive robotics
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Kobus Barnard
University of Arizona
University of Arizona

United States

computer visionmachine learninginterdisciplinary computational intelligence (ici)
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computer visionmachine learningbiomedical image analysisbiomedical image understandingmedical image computing
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Princeton University
Princeton University

United States

medical image analysismedical image computingimage-guided interventionsartificial intelligencecomputer vision
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Hugo Jair Escalante
language and visionvision and languagemachine learningcomputer visiontext mining
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Arunava Banerjee
University of Florida
University of Florida

United States

computational neurosciencecomputer visionmachine learning
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machine learningdata mining
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Boston University
Boston University

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computer vision
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Boston University
Boston University

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Boston University
Boston University

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artificial intelligencesign languagegesture recognitioncomputer vision
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Stan Sclaroff
Boston University
Boston University

United States

computer visionpattern recognitionmachine learningmultimedia
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Leonid Sigal

Associate Professor, University of British Columbia

computer visionmachine learning
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Isabelle Guyon

Université Paris-Saclay / INRIA / ChaLearn

machine learning
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Alex Dillhoff

Senior Lecturer, University of Texas at Arlington

computer visionhand pose estimationmachine learningartificial intelligence
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Texas State University

machine learningdata miningcomputer visionbioinformaticspervasive technologies
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Unknown affiliation

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Graz University of Technology

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Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Texas Arlington

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Professor, Florida State University

machine learningcomputer visionmedical imaging
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Zhong Zhang

PHD, University of Texas at Arlington

computer visionfire detectiongesture recognitionfall detectionactivity recognition
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Alexios Kotsifakos

Computer Science and Engineering Department, University of Texas at Arlington

data miningknowledge discovery in databases (similarity searchingindexing techniques for sequence databasesclustering algo