UNIPEN project of on-line data exchange and recognizer benchmarks



We report the status of the UNIPEN project of data exchange and recognizer benchmarks started two years ago at the initiative of the International Association of Pattern Recognition (Technical Committee 11). The purpose of the project is to propose and implement solutions to the growing need of handwriting samples for online handwriting recognizers used by pen-based computers. Researchers from several companies and universities have agreed on a data format, a platform of data exchange and a protocol for recognizer benchmarks. The online handwriting data of concern may include handprint and cursive from various alphabets (including Latin and Chinese), signatures and pen gestures. These data will be compiled and distributed by the Linguistic Data Consortium. The benchmarks will be arbitrated the US National Institute of Standards and Technologies. We give a brief introduction to the UNIPEN format …


Isabelle Guyon
Isabelle Guyon
R Plamondon
M Liberman
S Janet