Usage of machine learning for strategic decision making at higher educational institutions



Decisions made at the strategic level of Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) affect policies, strategies, and actions that the institutions make as a whole. Decision’s structures at HEIs are depicted in this paper and their effectiveness in supporting the institutions’ governance. The disengagement of the stakeholders and the lack of using efficient computational algorithms lead to 1) the decision process takes longer; 2) the “whole picture” is not involved along with all data necessary; and 3) small academic impact is produced by the decision, among others. Machine learning is an emerging field of artificial intelligence that using various algorithms analyzes information and provides a richer understanding of the data contained in a specific context. Based on the author’s previous works, we focus on supporting decision-making at a strategic level, being deans’ concerns the preeminent mission to bolster. In this paper …


Yuri Vanessa Nieto
Vicente García Díaz
Carlos Enrique Montenegro Marin
CC González
Ruben Gonzalez Crespo