ChaLearn Looking at People 2015: Apparent Age and Cultural Event Recognition Datasets and Results



Following previous series on Looking at People (LAP) competitions, in 2015 ChaLearn ran two new competitions within the field of Looking at People: age and cultural event recognition in still images. We proposed a crowd-sourcing application to collect and label data about the age people looks like instead of the real age. In terms of cultural event recognition, one hundred categories had to be recognized. This involved scene understanding and human body analysis. This paper summarizes both challenges and data, as well as the results achieved by the participants of the competition. Details of the ChaLearn LAP competitions can be found at http://gesture. chalearn. org/


Isabelle Guyon
Junior Fabian
Pablo Pardo
Xavier Baró
Jordi Gonzàlez
Sergio Escalera
Dusan Misevic
Ulrich Steiner
Isabelle Guyon