Midgar: Domain-specific language to generate smart objects for an internet of things platform



A great number of people have Smart Objects in their daily life: Smartphones, cars, tablets, computers, Smart TVs or micro-controllers. Furthermore, these objects have Internet connection. A great number of these objects have various sensors: accelerometers, GPS, pressure, light, temperature, gravity or proximity. The essence of the concept of Internet of Things is to interconnect all these heterogeneous and ubiquitous objects among them. Some Smart Cities or Smart Homes allow a part of this concept. But this has a problem, the software that an object needs to be interconnected with the IoT platform. To create this software users need to develop the application and need developer skills. In this paper we propose a solution to this problem. We propose a graphical Domain-Specific Language for creating the necessary software for interconnecting any object with an IoT platform. For this proposal we will use the IoT …


Cristian Gonz�lez Garc�a
Jordán Pascual Espada
Edward Rolando N��ez-Valdez
Vicente García Díaz