A brief introduction to model-driven engineering



The software crisis is a concept that has started to be used in 1968, at the first conference organized by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on software development. There, Edsger Dijkstra criticized that projects were not completed in compliance with the classic triple constraint of project management (scope, time and cost), since most of them do not reach the expected requirements, are delivered out of time or exceeds the expected cost. Unfortunately, the current reality is that while there have been proposed new methodologies aimed at solving the usual problems related to software development, there is still no reliable method to estimate the development of computer systems. This work introduces the Model-Driven Engineering approach that, according to the experts, will help to solve many of the problems that thousands of software development teams have daily worldwide.


Vicente García Díaz
Edward Rolando Nüñez Valdez
Jordán Pascual Espada
B Cristina Pelayo García Bustelo
Juan Manuel Cueva Lovelle
Carlos Enrique Montenegro Marín