ABBOT: The CUED hybrid connectionist-HMM large-vocabulary recognition system,"



{We are concerned with integrating connectionist networks into a hidden Markov model (HMM) speech recognition system. This is achieved through a statistical interpretation of connectionist networks as probability estimators. We review the basis of HMM speech recognition and point out the possible benefits of incorporating connectionist networks. Issues necessary to the construction of a connectionist HMM recognition system are discussed, including choice of connectionist probability estimator. We describe the performance of such a system, using a multi-layer perceptron probability estimator, evaluated on the speaker-independent DARPA Resource Management database. In conclusion, we show that a connectionist component improves a state-of-the-art HMM system.},


A Robinson
D Kershaw
Mark Forsyth
MA Jack
N Morgan
Isabelle Guyon
M Cohen
H Franco
Hervé Bourlard
Alan W Black
Paul A Taylor
Janet Hitzeman
Briony J Williams
S Hiller
Tony Robinson
M Hochberg
Mitsuru Nakai
Hiroshi Shimodaira
Shigeki Sagayama