Chalearn looking at people and faces of the world: Face analysis workshop and challenge 2016



We present the 2016 ChaLearn Looking at People and Faces of the World Challenge and Workshop, which ran three competitions on the common theme of face analysis from still images. The first one, Looking at People, ad-dressed age estimation, while the second and third com-petitions, Faces of the World, addressed accessory classi-fication and smile and gender classification, respectively. We present two crowd-sourcing methodologies used to col-lect manual annotations. A custom-build application was used to collect and label data about the apparent age of people (as opposed to the real age). For the Faces of the World data, the citizen-science Zooniverse platform was used. This paper summarizes the three challenges and the data used, as well as the results achieved by the partici-pants of the competitions. Details of the ChaLearn LAP FotW competitions can be found at http://gesture. chalearn. org.


Michel Valstar
Hugo Jair Escalante
Brais Martinez
Xavier BarĂ³
Sergio Escalera
Isabelle Guyon
Mohammad Ali Bagheri
Ciprian Corneanu
Marc Oliu
Mercedes Torres Torres
Isabelle Guyon