Stateoftheart AI

An open-data and free platform built by the research community to facilitate the collaborative development of AI

A new Platform and Community

A place to track the evolution, progress, and frontier of existing AI research powered by two resources: a platform, and a community

2.5K +

Tasks & Datasets

A taxonomy of existing tasks and datasets, from across the community, with leaderboards showing model performance.

500K +


A network of research collaborations, filtered by number of co-authorships.

2.5M +


A visualization of the citation graph of papers, displaying references and “cited by”s.

2.5K +


A carefully curated graph representing the evolution of AI models in time, classified by area and subarea.

500 +


A wiki of concepts showing simple definitions, links to external blogs and resources, and interrelations between concepts.

Repos and Libraries

An interface to navigate the model and dataset space, based on the attributes and variables that characterize their interaction.

Contribute to the Platform and Join the Community

Envisioned as a collective and collaborative project, this will evolve through a growing community effort.

We believe in the power of collective intelligence -- here are the ways in which you can contribute:

  • Add Models, Papers, Tasks, Datasets, and Leaderboard Results directly into each of the respective screens.
  • Contribute to the Wiki of Concepts by adding new nodes, or modifying and complementing the existing definitions, interrelationships, and links to external resources.
  • Give us feedback. Any comments or suggestions are welcome.
  • Join the conversation in our Discord Community Forum and follow our social channels
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Stateoftheart AI, 2020 -- Hello NeurIPS and Hello World

We are excited to announce! open-data and free platform that tracks the evolution, the progress, and the frontier of existing AI research. This initial effort was started by a group of Latin American students, researchers, and developers with the aspiration for it to become community-driven, and inclusive. Our objective is to facilitate the collaborative development of AI.

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Discord server

We are a friendly community based around the State of the art of Artificial Intelligence helping to the whole community from the community

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